KINGTON DC- 2138 FAKE Note Detecting Machine Price in BD

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Key Features
Ultraviolet lamp
Verifies the UV features in banknotes
Large white light area
Fluorescent Light for watermark verification
Simultaneous UV and watermark verification function
large Magnifier for micro-printing verification
Verifies credit cards, passports, and other IDs


Model DC- 2138
Specifications Features:
Ambient Temperature 0 ~ 40°
Ambient Humidity ≤80%
Power Supply 110V or 210, 220, 230V (switchable)
Power Consumption UV Lamb 9W
LED White 3 x 5 MM
Magnification times 5X
Dimensions 185 x 120 x 130 mm
Net Weight 0.76 Kg
Outer Packing 30pcs/carton
Carton Dimensions 665 x 395 x 440mm
The gross weight of a Carton 24Kg


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