EASY BANKER DC-2028 Fake Note Detector Machine in Bangladesh

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Key Features:

  • Ultraviolet lamp
  • Verifies the UV features in banknotes
  • Verifies credit cards, passports, and other IDs Large white light area
  • Magnetic detection


Full Specifications
Ambient Temperature (ºC)  0~40ºC
Ambient Humidity (%)  ≤85%
Sunlight Strength (LX) 200~800LX
Power Supply(V) 110V or 210, 220, 230V
Power Consumption(W) UV lamp 2×6W
Dimensions(mm) 270×120×100
Net Weight (kg) 0.6
Carton Packing Details
Dimensions (mm) 570×300×520
Volume (m³) 0.09
Gross Weight (kg) 13
Net Weight (kg) 12
Quantity (pcs) 20


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