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JB-240 Currency Binding Machine

Key Features:

• Both Chinese and English can be swathed to Display

• Instant heat, No warm-boot, open then can direct use

• Type can be mobilized with elastic binding

• The number of real-time displays

• Check without paper function, eliminate paper jams


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  • Product Size 270×220×220mm
  • Tape Wight: 25mm
  • Tape Paper Type: Poly-coated paper
  • Binding Speed 1 Bundle /2 Seconds
  • Power Consumption ≤50W ( Standby: About 10W)
  • Power Source AC 220V±10% ,50Hz±5% Or AC110V ±10% ,60Hz±5%)
  • To Be With a Large LCD Display
  • To Be Switchable Between English Display And Chinese Display.
  • To Bind The Bills Directly, No Need for Time To Warm Up (Instant Heating)
  • To Be Bound By The Special Paper Roll With Glue (Single Binding)
  • To Adjustable Of  The Binding Tense
  • To Be Adjustable Of  The Binding Place Ranging from 10-83mm
  • To Show The Total Binding Times
  • To Be With The Transparent Cover, Which Is Convenient For Checking The Binding Paper Situation.
  • To Be With No- Paper Checking Function, Avoiding The Repeated Paper-In And Paper  Lock Situation.
  • To Check The Machine itself automatically.
  • To Be With The Best Quality

The JB-240 Currency Binding Machine is a specialized device designed for efficiently bundling and securing stacks of banknotes or currency. It is a valuable tool for financial institutions, banks, cash-intensive businesses, and any organization that deals with large volumes of cash on a regular basis. This machine simplifies the process of currency handling, providing a secure and professional means of organizing currency stacks.

Key Features:

  1. Automatic Binding: The JB-240 Currency Binding Machine is equipped with automatic binding functionality. This means it can efficiently and automatically secure a stack of banknotes with binding straps or bands. This feature streamlines the bundling process, saving time and effort for users.
  2. Adjustable Binding Settings: The machine typically comes with adjustable settings for binding, allowing users to customize the tightness and positioning of the binding straps. This flexibility ensures that the bundled currency stacks meet specific requirements and preferences.
  3. High Binding Capacity: With a high binding capacity, the JB-240 can handle bundling tasks for significant volumes of currency stacks. This makes it suitable for environments where large amounts of cash need to be organized and secured efficiently.
  4. User-Friendly Operation: The machine is designed for user-friendly operation, with intuitive controls and a straightforward interface. This ensures that users of varying skill levels can easily operate the machine without extensive training.
  5. LCD Display: Some models may feature an LCD display that provides clear information about the binding process, including the status and settings. This visual feedback enhances the user experience and allows for easy monitoring of the machine’s operation.
  6. Compact Design: The JB-240 is typically designed with a compact footprint, making it suitable for placement on counters, desks, or designated cash-handling areas without occupying excessive space. Its compact design contributes to space efficiency.
  7. Durable Construction: Built with durability in mind, the machine is constructed to withstand the demands of regular use in a commercial or institutional setting. Robust materials and construction contribute to the longevity and reliability of the device.
  8. Efficient Heat Sealing: Currency binding machines often utilize efficient heat sealing mechanisms to securely fasten the binding straps around the currency stacks. Heat sealing ensures a strong and tamper-evident bond, enhancing the security of the bundled currency.
  9. Jam Detection and Safety Features: The JB-240 may include jam detection mechanisms and safety features to prevent issues during the binding process. These features contribute to smooth and trouble-free operation.
  10. Multi-Currency Support: The machine is designed to support the bundling of various currencies, making it versatile for use in regions or businesses dealing with multiple currency types.

In summary, the JB-240 Currency Binding Machine is a reliable and efficient tool for organizations that need to organize and secure large volumes of banknotes. With its automatic binding, adjustable settings, and user-friendly design, it streamlines currency bundling processes, contributing to a more efficient and secure cash-handling workflow.


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