HTDZ HT-88B UHF Wireless Microphone System (1 Hand + 1 Tie or 2 Hand)

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1. HT-88B UHF wireless microphone system provides a new energy saving mode, automatic EQ control, tone correction and IR frequency sync functions.
2. It uses a high frequency SAW filter to maximally filter out interfering signals.
3. The use of built-in audio compression expander circuit greatly improves SNR.
4. The unique audio compressor design effectively eliminates whistle.
5. Frequency synchronization between any receivers and any microphones in the system is realized.



System Parameter
Working frequency 740.000MHz-789.750MHz
Modulation FM
Frequency channel 200
Switching bandwidth 250 kHz
Frequency stability 0.005%
Dynamic range 100dB
Max deviation 45 kHz
Audio frequency response 80Hz-18kHz (3dB)
Signal noise ratio > 105dB
THD <0.5%
 Receiver Parameter
Function principle True — Diversity — Receiver (UHF)
Medium frequency 110MHz, 107MHz
Antenna connection 2 x BNC
Sensitivity 12dBuV
Sensitivity adjustment range 12-32dBuv
Noise rejection >75dB
Max output level +10dBV
Transmitter Parameter
Antenna Built-in
RF output <10mW
Noise rejection -60dB
Transmission range 100 m
Power 2pcs AA batteries
Battery Life 10 hours in normal power, 12 hours in low power

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