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Armor AR-88CIP5A-W (3.6mm) (4MP) Full Color Bullet IP Camera



Key Features:

• Usage - Outdoor

• Form-Factor - Bullet

• Mega Pixels - 4.0MP

• Night Vision - Yes

• Working Distance - 35 Meter


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Brand Armor
Model Armor AR-88CIP5A-W
Usage Outdoor
Type Bullet IP Camera
Camera Fixed
Mega Pixels 4.0MP
Max. Camera Resolution 2500 x 1600
Image Sensor GC5653
Day & Night Full Color
Focal Length 3.6mm
Human Detection Yes
Lightning Protection Yes
Video Type H.264/H.265
Working Distance 35 Meter
Body Material Metal

The Armor AR-88CIP5A-W (3.6mm) (4MP) Full Color Bullet IP Camera is a cutting-edge surveillance solution that combines advanced technology with robust design to deliver superior performance. This high-resolution camera is designed for outdoor use, providing enhanced security for residential, commercial, or industrial settings.

Key Features:

  1. High Resolution (4MP): The AR-88CIP5A-W boasts a 4-megapixel image sensor, ensuring crisp and clear video footage. This high resolution allows for detailed monitoring and accurate identification of subjects within the camera’s field of view.
  2. Full-Color Imaging: Unlike traditional surveillance cameras that switch to black and white in low-light conditions, this camera features full-color imaging capabilities even in low-light environments. This ensures that important details are captured and maintained, providing better visibility during nighttime surveillance.
  3. Wide-Angle Lens (3.6mm): The included 3.6mm lens provides a wide field of view, allowing the camera to cover a large area with a single installation. This is particularly useful for monitoring expansive outdoor spaces or high-traffic areas.
  4. Bullet Design: The camera is housed in a durable and weatherproof bullet-style enclosure, making it resistant to various environmental conditions. The robust design ensures the camera can withstand exposure to rain, snow, dust, and extreme temperatures, making it suitable for outdoor installations.
  5. Power over Ethernet (PoE): The AR-88CIP5A-W supports Power over Ethernet, simplifying installation by allowing both data and power to be transmitted over a single Ethernet cable. This reduces the need for additional power sources near the camera, making the installation process more flexible and convenient.
  6. Advanced Image Processing: Equipped with advanced image processing technologies, the camera optimizes image quality and enhances details, providing a more accurate representation of the monitored area.
  7. Remote Viewing and Management: The camera supports remote viewing and management, allowing users to access live or recorded footage from anywhere with an internet connection. This feature is particularly valuable for users who need to monitor their property or business while on the go.

In summary, the Armor AR-88CIP5A-W (3.6mm) (4MP) Full Color Bullet IP Camera offers a comprehensive surveillance solution with high-resolution imaging, full-color capability in low-light conditions, and a durable design suitable for various outdoor applications.


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