HTDZ HT-801 professional conference gooseneck microphone

Product introduction:

HTDZ Haitian HT-801 professional conference microphone / gooseneck conference microphone / DC3V power supply mode:

● Transduction mode: Capacitive

● Frequency response: 40Hz-16KHz

● Directivity: Heart type

● Output impedance (ohms): 200Ω

● Sensitivity: -38dB±2dB

● Supply voltage (V): DC3V

● Effective pickup distance: 40cm

● Length of microphone tube :405mm

● Microphone length, configuration: 8m single core, card dragon +6.35 mono plug

● Single microphone weight: 0.79KG

● Battery continuous use time: 30 hours (5th battery)

● Base size (width * Deep * high) mm : 140 * 141 * 39

● Output, indication: unbalanced, seat light

● Switch: ship type switch

● Factory configuration: microphone, microphone, windproof cotton, manual, certificate, warranty card

● Anti-cell phone, electromagnetic High frequency interference



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