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Abtus Projector Ceiling Mount Kit 3 Feet


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Key Features:

• Model: Abtus

• Max. load capacity: 15 Kg

• 360-degree Swivel Rotation

• Tilt rotation 15 degrees

• Made of heavy-duty steel


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Abtus Projector Ceiling Mount Kit 3 Feet – Specifications:

  1. Material:
    • The ceiling mount kit is constructed from high-quality and durable materials to ensure stability and longevity.
  2. Compatibility:
    • Compatible with a wide range of projectors, offering versatile use for various projector models and sizes.
  3. Adjustability:
    • The mount kit provides adjustable features, allowing users to customize the projection angle and alignment for optimal viewing.
  4. Ceiling Distance:
    • The kit features a 3-foot extension, providing flexibility in mounting the projector at an appropriate distance from the ceiling.
  5. Weight Capacity:
    • Designed to securely support projectors with a specified weight capacity, ensuring safe and stable installation.
  6. Easy Installation:
    • The kit comes with comprehensive installation instructions and hardware, facilitating a straightforward and user-friendly installation process.
  7. Ceiling Compatibility:
    • Suitable for standard ceilings, the mount kit is designed to be compatible with common ceiling types and structures.
  8. Swivel and Tilt Functions:
    • Offers swivel and tilt functionalities, allowing users to adjust the projector’s orientation horizontally and vertically to achieve the desired projection angle.
  9. Cable Management:
    • Includes provisions for cable management to keep projector cables organized and hidden for a neat and professional appearance.
  10. Security Features:
    • Incorporates security features such as locking mechanisms or anti-theft measures to safeguard the projector against unauthorized removal.
  11. Finish:
    • The mount kit is finished with a durable coating to resist corrosion and enhance its aesthetic appeal.
  12. Sturdy Construction:
    • Built with a sturdy and robust design, the ceiling mount kit ensures stability and reliability in supporting the projector.
  13. Versatile Applications:
    • Suitable for a variety of environments including home theaters, conference rooms, classrooms, and commercial spaces.
  14. Compliance:
    • Compliant with industry standards and safety regulations to ensure a reliable and secure mounting solution.
  15. Brand Compatibility:
    • Designed to work seamlessly with Abtus projectors and possibly other brands, providing users with a universal mounting solution.
  16. Certifications:
    • The mount kit may come with relevant certifications indicating quality and safety compliance.
  17. Warranty:
    • Backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, it provides users with confidence in the product’s quality and durability.

Abtus  Projector Ceiling Mount Kit is a special Projector Ceiling Mount Kit that has a length of 3 Feet. It is a 3-foot Universal Ceiling Mount kit in Black color. The measurement of its adjustable drop pole is 2-3 Feet. Again, Projector Ceiling Mounts ensure no visible wires around the room and no tripping over the cord of the projectors being made of steel. The metal mount effortlessly supports the weight of the Projector, and it ensures safety and peace of mind when properly installed. In addition, it’s compatible with Sony/ Samsung/ Sanyo/ Dell/Hitachi/BenQ/ Epson/ 3M/ ASUS/ Optoma/ LG/ Viewsonic/ Infocus/ Acer, and many more. This is Adjustable to suit most projectors. The Adjustable length is 500mm to 1000mm. The Maximum load capacity of this ceiling mount is 15 Kg. This kit Supports a  360-degree Swivel Rotation and the supported Tilt rotation is 15 degrees. The Celling kit is made of heavy-duty steel and the overall length is 3 feet. Abtus Projector Ceiling Mount Kit 3 Feet offers No Warranty.


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