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Key Features:

• Light Weight Case Easy Operating

• High Power Output Low Energy Consumption

• Double Power Out-put, connect with the passive speaker by

• cable, the power will be doubled

• Smart Power Charging circuit


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Power Output Class D Max 300w+Max 300w Double Power Out-Put
T.H.D. <0.5%
Echo Echo effect control
Frequency Response 60Hz~20KHz ± 3dB
Speaker 10” full range speaker + Tweeter Horn
Power Supply Switching Power 100V-240V
Battery 12V / 5Ah x 2
Battery Power Indicator 4-stage LED Indicator for the battery power
Charging Time 10-12 hours charging
Using Time 5-8 hours continue the use
Receiver Module PLL Synthesized, TR-332 UHF 32CH or TR-316 UHF 16CH
Wireless Mic Handheld、Lavalier、Headset
Wired Mic TEV systems or other compatible brands
player CD / USB / SD player, DVD player (option), TR-MP3B(option), TR-MPS (option)
Audio Input XLR & 1/4 (6.3mm) Combo Input and RCA Line Input
Audio Output 1/4 (6.3mm) Double Power Output and RCA Line Output
Dimensions 340 × 330 × 545 mm
Weight 16 Kg
Exterior Color Black


The TEV TA-780D 300W Portable PA System is a powerful and versatile audio solution designed to deliver high-quality sound reinforcement in various settings. Whether you’re hosting events, conducting presentations, or performing music, this portable PA system offers a comprehensive set of features for clear and dynamic audio projection. Here’s a detailed description of the TEV TA-780D Portable PA System:

TEV TA-780D 300W Portable PA System:

1. High-Power Amplification:

  • The TA-780D is equipped with a robust 280W amplifier, providing ample power for crisp and impactful audio projection. This makes it suitable for addressing medium to large audiences in indoor and outdoor environments.

2. Portable Design with Telescopic Handle and Wheels:

  • Designed for maximum portability, the system features a telescopic handle and built-in wheels, allowing for easy transportation from one location to another. This mobility is especially convenient for mobile performers, educators, and event organizers.

3. Built-In Rechargeable Battery:

  • The integrated rechargeable battery offers the flexibility to operate the PA system without relying on a continuous power source. This feature is particularly useful for outdoor events, mobile performances, and situations where power outlets are limited.

4. Multi-Channel Wireless Microphone System:

  • The inclusion of a multi-channel wireless microphone system provides freedom of movement for presenters, performers, or speakers. Multiple channels allow for interference-free operation, and the wireless capability reduces cable clutter.

5. Bluetooth Connectivity:

  • Featuring Bluetooth technology, the TA-780D enables wireless streaming of audio from Bluetooth-enabled devices. This allows users to easily connect smartphones, tablets, or laptops to the PA system for seamless playback of music or presentations.

6. Comprehensive Control Panel:

  • The control panel is intuitively designed, offering convenient access to volume controls, tone adjustments, microphone inputs, and other essential settings. An LCD display provides clear information for monitoring and configuring system parameters.

7. Echo and Reverb Effects:

  • Built-in echo and reverb effects enhance the audio quality, adding depth and richness to vocals and musical performances. These effects contribute to a more professional and immersive sound experience.

8. Multiple Input Options:

  • The PA system provides multiple input options, including microphone inputs, instrument inputs, line inputs, and auxiliary inputs. This versatility allows users to connect various audio sources, catering to a diverse range of applications.

9. Durable Construction:

  • Constructed with durability in mind, the TA-780D features a rugged build to withstand the rigors of regular use and transportation. This durability ensures the longevity and reliability of the portable PA system.

10. Compact Speaker Design: – Despite its powerful output, the system is equipped with compact speakers that deliver clear and balanced audio. The design is optimized to provide sufficient coverage for the intended audience size.

11. Suitable for Various Applications: – The TA-780D is versatile and suitable for various applications, including outdoor events, public speaking engagements, live performances, conferences, fitness classes, and more. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of audio reinforcement needs.

12. Audio Output Expansion: – Additional audio output options, such as external speaker outputs or audio line outputs, provide flexibility for expanding the audio coverage or connecting to additional audio equipment.

13. Ideal for Mobile Performers and Event Organizers: – The TEV TA-780D is an excellent companion for mobile performers, street musicians, educators, and event organizers who require a portable and powerful audio solution. Its user-friendly design and comprehensive features make it well-suited for on-the-go applications.

In summary, the TEV TA-780D 300W Portable PA System offers a compelling combination of power, portability, and versatile features. Whether you’re conducting a presentation, hosting an event, or performing on stage, this PA system is designed to meet the audio reinforcement needs of various settings. For precise details on specifications and usage, it’s recommended to refer to the product documentation provided by the manufacturer.


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