TEV  Amplifier TA-680 8″ 200W PORTABLE PA SYSTEM

















Classroom presentations
Indoors/ outdoors events
Religious activities
Public speech campaign
street artist

3 Patents

M463016 New Design Shape.
M463954 Double Power Out-Put.
M402573 LED Ring to indicate the battery’s life for microphone.
Double Power Out-Put(M463954):
Class D Max 200w+Max 200w
If you connect with Passive Speaker(8Ω)
The power out-put will be double Max 200w+Max 200w

5 Characteristic

Light Weight Case Easy Operating.
High Power Output Low Energy Consumption.
Double Power Out-put, connect with the passive speaker by cable, the power will be doubled.
Smart Power Charging circuit.
All made in Taiwan.


Power Output Class D Max 200w+Max 200w Double Power Out-Put
T.H.D. <0.5%
Echo Echo effect control
Frequency Response 60Hz~20KHz±3dB
Speaker 8” full range speaker + Tweeter Horm
Power Supply 100v-240v
Battery 12V / 5 Ah × 2
Battery Power Indicator  4-LED Indicator for the Battery Power
Charging Time 10-12 hours charging
Operating Time 5-8 hours consecutive use
Receiver Module PLL Synthesized, TR-332 UHF 32CH or TR-316 UHF 16CH
Wireless Mic Handheld、Lavalier、Headset
Wired Mic All wired Microphone
Player CD / USB / SD player, DVD player (option), TR-MP3B(option), TR-MPS (option)
Audio Input XLR & 1/4 (6.3mm) Combo Input and RCA Input
Audio Output 1/4 (6.3mm) Double Power Output and RCA Output
Dimensions 340 × 330 × 545 mm
Weight 15Kg
Exterior Color Black



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