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LEXIN JP-840C Paper Shredder Price in Bangladesh


Key Features:

• Model: JP-840C

• Cutting Capacity: 20 Sheets (70 gsm/A4)

• Cutting Type: Cross/Confetti Cut

• Cutting Size: 4x40 mm (P-4)


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Model JP-840C
Cutting Capacity 20 Sheet (70 gsm/A4)
Cutting Type Cross/Confetti Cut
Cutting Size 4×40 mm (P-4)
Duty Cycle 15 min ON/30 min OFF
Bin Capacity (Litter) 26 L
Bin Type Pull Out
Dimension 438 x 290 x 705 mm

LEXIN JP-840C Cross/Confetti Cut Paper Shredder – Secure and Efficient Document Disposal


In this article, we will provide a detailed product description and specifications for the Model JP-840C, a versatile and efficient paper shredder. The JP-840C offers a cutting capacity of 20 sheets of 70 gsm/A4 paper, with a cross/confetti cut type and a cutting size of 4×40 mm (P-4). It has a duty cycle of 15 minutes on and 30 minutes off, ensuring optimal performance. The bin capacity of this shredder is 26 liters, with a convenient pull-out bin type for easy disposal. The dimensions of the JP-840C are 438 x 290 x 705 mm, making it suitable for various office environments.

Cutting Capacity: 20 Sheet (70 gsm/A4)

The Model JP-840C offers an impressive cutting capacity of 20 sheets of 70 gsm/A4 paper. With this capacity, it can efficiently handle large volumes of documents, saving you time and effort. Whether you need to shred individual sheets or multiple pages at once, this shredder is designed to handle your workload effectively.

Cutting Type: Cross/Confetti Cut

The cutting type of the JP-840C is a cross/confetti cut. This type of cut provides enhanced security by turning your documents into small, confetti-like pieces. Cross-cut shredders offer a higher level of protection compared to strip-cut shredders, as it is much more difficult to reassemble shredded documents with the cross-cut pieces.

Cutting Size: 4×40 mm (P-4)

The cutting size of the JP-840C is 4×40 mm, classified as P-4 security level. The 4×40 mm cutting size ensures that your sensitive information is effectively destroyed, making it virtually impossible for anyone to retrieve or decipher the shredded documents. This level of security is suitable for confidential documents and personal information.

Duty Cycle: 15 min ON/30 min OFF

The JP-840C has a duty cycle of 15 minutes on and 30 minutes off. This duty cycle indicates the shredder’s ability to handle continuous operation without overheating. With this duty cycle, you can rely on the JP-840C for consistent performance during extended shredding sessions, reducing any interruptions in your workflow.

Bin Capacity (Litter): 26 L

The bin capacity of the JP-840C is 26 liters, providing ample space to collect the shredded paper. This generous capacity minimizes the frequency of emptying the bin, allowing you to focus on your tasks without constant interruptions. The large bin capacity is especially beneficial in busy office environments or when dealing with large volumes of documents.

Bin Type: Pull Out

The JP-840C features a convenient pull-out bin type. This design allows for easy access to the shredded paper, simplifying the disposal process. By pulling out the bin, you can quickly and effortlessly empty the shredded paper into a recycling or waste container. The pull-out bin design adds convenience and efficiency to your shredding tasks.

Dimension: 438 x 290 x 705 mm

The JP-840C has dimensions of 438 x 290 x 705 mm, making it a compact and space-efficient shredder. The slim profile and manageable size of this model ensure that it can fit comfortably in various office settings, including desks, workstations, or dedicated shredding areas. Its compact design does not compromise its performance or functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can the JP-840C shred other materials besides paper?

No, the JP-840C is designed specifically for shredding paper. Attempting to shred other materials, such as cardboard, plastic, or metal, may damage the shredder and void the warranty. It is essential to use the shredder according to the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

2. Is the JP-840C suitable for a small office environment?

Yes, the JP-840C is well-suited for small office environments. Its compact size allows for easy placement, and its 20-sheet cutting capacity can handle the shredding needs of a typical small office. Additionally, the 26-liter bin capacity reduces the frequency of emptying, providing convenience during busy workdays.

3. Does the JP-840C have a safety feature to prevent accidents?

Yes, the JP-840C is equipped with safety features to prevent accidents. It typically includes features such as auto-start and auto-stop, as well as overload and overheat protection. These features ensure safe operation and help protect both the user and the shredder itself.

4. How noisy is the JP-840C during operation?

The JP-840C operates at a relatively low noise level, making it suitable for office environments. While shredding, it produces a moderate level of noise, comparable to other shredders in its class. However, it is advisable to place the shredder away from workstations or use it during less noise-sensitive periods to minimize any potential distractions.

5. Can the JP-840C handle staples and paper clips?

Yes, the JP-840C can handle staples and paper clips. Its robust cutting mechanism is designed to effortlessly shred through these common office fasteners. This feature saves you time and effort, as you can feed documents into the shredder without removing staples or paper clips beforehand.

6. Does the JP-840C come with a warranty?

Yes, the JP-840C typically comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. The length and specific terms of the warranty may vary, so it is advisable to consult the product documentation or contact the manufacturer for detailed warranty information. Registering the product with the manufacturer is often recommended to ensure warranty coverage.


The Model JP-840C is a reliable and efficient paper shredder that offers excellent cutting capacity, enhanced security, and convenient features. With its cross/confetti cut type, 4×40 mm cutting size, and 20-sheet capacity, it is well-equipped to handle the shredding needs of various office environments. The pull-out bin design, 26-liter bin capacity, and compact dimensions further contribute to its usability and efficiency. Whether you need to dispose of confidential documents or declutter your workspace, the JP-840C is a reliable choice that combines performance, security, and convenience.


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