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GBC Rexel Silencio V30WS Straight Cut Paper Shredder


Key Features:

• Ultra-quiet home shredder

• 5.8 mm Ribbon cut strips, the P-2 security level for everyday documents

• Maximum 7-8 sheets of paper per pass

• The compact 18-liter bin capacity holds up to 80 sheets

• Easy lift-off head for emptying


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Full Specifications:

 Cutting style Straight Cut
Shred capacity (70 gsm) 8
Shred capacity (80 gsm) 7
DIN security level S2 / P-2
Shred size (mm) 6
Shred speed (m/min) 1
Dimensions (mm) H x W x D 378 x 340 x 224
Working width (mm) 220
Bin capacity (Cu., liter) 18
Sound Level (dB) 54
Working cycle On/Off 2 min ON/ 30 min OFF
Weight (kg) 3.9
Staples Yes
Paper clips Yes
Credit cards No
CD’s No
Auto Oiling No
Power Consumption (watts) 100

The GBC Rexel Silencio V30WS Straight Cut Paper Shredder is a reliable and efficient document shredder designed for quiet operation and optimal performance in office environments. Combining the benefits of a straight-cut shredding mechanism with advanced noise reduction technology, this shredder is suitable for individuals or small offices where confidentiality and minimal noise are priorities.

Key Features:

  1. Straight-Cut Shredding: The V30WS utilizes straight-cut shredding technology to transform confidential documents into long strips. While straight-cut shredding offers a lower security level compared to cross-cut shredding, it is suitable for disposing of general office documents and maintaining a streamlined workflow.
  2. Quiet Operation (Silencio Technology): One of the standout features of the V30WS is its Silencio Technology, designed to reduce operational noise significantly. This makes the shredder an ideal choice for quiet office environments where noise levels need to be minimized.
  3. Compact and Space-Saving Design: With a compact footprint, the V30WS is designed to save space and fit comfortably in smaller office settings or personal workspaces. Its sleek and practical design allows users to place it conveniently without sacrificing valuable desk space.
  4. User-Friendly Controls: Equipped with user-friendly controls, the shredder features a simple interface with intuitive buttons for power, reverse, and other essential functions. The easy-to-use design ensures that users can operate the shredder with minimal effort and training.
  5. Moderate Shredding Capacity: The V30WS is designed for moderate shredding volumes, making it suitable for individual users or small office environments. It efficiently handles a reasonable amount of paper, providing a balance between performance and space efficiency.
  6. Automatic Start/Stop: The shredder includes automatic start and stop functions, enabling convenient and efficient operation. The shredding process initiates automatically when the paper is inserted into the feed slot and stops when the operation is complete.
  7. Continuous Shredding: Designed for continuous shredding within its capacity, the V30WS allows users to maintain a steady workflow without interruptions. This feature is particularly useful for those who require ongoing document disposal without pauses.
  8. Shred Size and Security Level: The straight-cut shredding mechanism produces longer strips, suitable for basic document disposal needs. While it offers a lower security level than cross-cut shredding, it remains effective for general office documents.
  9. Integrated Waste Bin: The shredder is typically equipped with an integrated waste bin to collect the shredded strips. The bin is easy to empty, and its capacity is designed to accommodate the shredder’s moderate volume, reducing the frequency of disposal.
  10. Visual Indicators: The shredder may include visual indicators, such as LED lights or alerts, to provide information about its status. These indicators can include alerts for bin-full or overheated conditions, enhancing user awareness and maintenance.

In summary, the GBC Rexel Silencio V30WS Straight Cut Paper Shredder offers a quiet and efficient solution for individuals or small offices where confidentiality and noise reduction are priorities. With its straight-cut technology, compact design, and Silencio features, it provides a reliable and convenient way to dispose of documents while maintaining a comfortable work environment.


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