CMX UHF-300MC Wireless Master Controller With Recording


CMX UHF-300MC Wireless Master Controller With Recording. The CMX Audio UHF Wireless Conference System has a great degree of flexibility and reliability, making it an excellent choice for mobile conference systems. It is a basic discussion conference system with one easy operation, small constructions, and a cost-effective range. Without additional wires, the wireless conference system may be seamlessly fitted into any meeting area. It’s the most effective UHF wireless conference system for small-scale meetings.


  • Simple operation UHF wireless conference system.
  • Minimum cable wiring to save cable layout cost.
  • Minimum cable connection ideal for rental use or portable conference system.
  • Basic discussion conference system or audio conference system.
  • Economy wireless conference system and meeting system.
  • System capacity of 256 delegate units.
  • Chairman unit with priority over delegate units.
  • Chairman unit and delegate unit built-in rechargeable LIPO battery.
  • Several meeting modes: Limit (1/2/3/4), First in first out (1/2/3/4), Chairman Only and free discussion modes.
  • 5 delegate microphones can be turned on at the same time.
  • Microphones can be operated on the built-in rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Battery working time of 16 hours and standby time of 60 hours.
  • Multi-channel high bandwidth and intermediate band frequency selective filtering to avoid any interference.
  • Built-in feedback suppressor to decrease feedback and noise effectively.
  • Built-in noise deletion circuit and TONE-LOCK system to make sure the system has strong anti-jamming function.
  • Operation distance up to 300 meters and coverage up to 4,000 Square meters.
  • Separate volume control for 5 channels on master controller front panel.
  • Separate output level meter for each 5 channels for direct visual monitoring.
  • Optional v auto-track video tracking function.
  •  UHF wireless conference system master control UHF-300MC is powered by DC12V.
  • UHF-300MC with unbalanced 6.3mm jack output and balanced XLR output to sound reinforcement system.
  • Video tracking function need external equipment of UHF-300VT and cameras.

CMX UHF-300MC (UHF Wireless Conference System Master Controller With Recording)

Model CMX UHF-300MC
Description UHF Wireless Conference System Master Controller with Recording
Audio Transmission Way UHF wireless one way transmission by oscillation PLL technology
Channel Qty 5 channels (one for chairman Mic and four for delegate Mics)
Frequency Range 740MHz-790MHz @ ±10PPM stability
Modulation Mode FM
Receive Sensitivity – 100dBM
Output Level Balanced XLR output 0-600mV, unbalanced Jack output: 0-300mV
Frequency Response 60Hz-16KHz
S N Ratio  >105dB
THD <0.5%
Communication Distance 300 meters
Control Transmission Way UHF wireless two way transmission
Channel Qty 16
Frequency Range 740MHz-790MHz
Modulation Mode FSK
Receive Sensitivity -100dBM
Transmitted Power +6dBm (adjustable)
Frequency Deviation <0.002
Communication Rate 100KBPS
Signal Coverage 4,000 Square meters
Mechanical Power Supply DC12V-15V, ≧1A
Power Consumption < 7W
Operation Temperature -20℃ to +55℃
Dimension 485(W) x 355(D) x 100(H)mm
Weight 7.2 kg




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