CMX UHF-300DU UHF Wireless Conference System


UHF-300DU from CMX Wireless Delegate Unit (UHF). UHF wireless transmission technology allows for easy installation and rental mobility. For stable signal transmission, use a UHF wide frequency bandwidth of 740 MHz to 790 MHz. Meet the standards for secure and trouble-free communication and conference-calling systems. In order to set up an introductory conference system in a short amount of time, a minimal outfit is required. Ideal for usage in a hostel, workplace, or government boardroom, conference room, or meeting room. Wireless conference system featuring a function for an introduction discussion. For audio conference systems, there is a discussion delegate unit. When giving a speech, the chairman unit takes precedence over the delegate unit. The delegate unit speaking can be turned off by the Chairman unit. The method only allows the president to speak without being interrupted by others. Only once the president unit has exited “Chairman Mode” can delegates speak. 3W hi-fi examiner speaker built-in Built-in lithium rechargeable battery provides 16 hours of voice and 60 hours of buttressing. The ID, signal position, battery & microphone status, and control channel are all displayed on the TV screen in English. The microphone is built with a ring index in the shape of a circle. The gooseneck microphone may be plugged in for quick setup and relief. The ID, control channel, and volume up and down are all controlled by three buttons. When there isn’t an operation in 99 seconds, power buttresses automatically. When a system fault occurs, the microphone will be turned off within 60 seconds. A gooseneck with a length of 400 mm could be customized at no additional cost. Each conferencing system has its own set of features. Each conferencing system supports 256 delegate units.


CMX UHF-300DU UHF Conference System

Product Specifications:

Frequency Response 60Hz-16KHz
Description UHF Wireless Delegate Unit
Length of gooseneck 400mm
Reference speaking distance 10-30cm
System Capacity 256 units
Dimension 170(W)x120(D) 58(H)mm
Net Weight 0.6kg
Power Built-in lithium battery, 4.5V, 500mA
Operation Temp -20 C to +55°C
Battery Standby Time 60 hours



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