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CMX CS-700 Central Amplifier Conference System


Key Features:

• Type: Conference Systems Controller

• System Capacity: 70 units delegate microphone

• Power Supply:  AC220V or 115V, 50-60Hz

• Power Consumption: 50W

• Weight: 3.4 KG


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Model CS-700
Description Conference System Controller
System Capacity 70 units delegate microphone
Connection Way Busway, each microphone unit connected to the main line
Power Supply AC220V or 115V, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 50W
THD <0.05%
S/N Ratio >75dB
Frequency Response 100Hz-18KHz
Input Two-line inputs
Output One line output by XLR type
Output Impedance 47KΩ
Communication Port 3 ports to connect with delegate units by 8 PIN connector
Dimension 480(W)×240(D)×44(H)mm
Weight 3.4kg


The CMX CS-700 Central Amplifier Conference System: A Comprehensive Guide

Step into a new age of conferences with the CMX CS-700 Conference System Controller. This cool gadget helps you run meetings with up to 70 microphones. It’s like a boss conductor, making sure all the microphones work together smoothly.

You can plug it into the wall using AC220V or 115V power. It’s efficient too, using only 50 watts. The sound is super clear, with almost no extra noise (THD <0.05%) and a high signal-to-noise ratio (S/N Ratio >75dB). It hears stuff between 100Hz and 18KHz – that’s low and high sounds. You can plug in two types of stuff and get one type out using a special plug called XLR. The communication ports (like little doorways) connect with three microphones through 8 PIN connectors.

This cool gadget isn’t big – it’s about as wide as a big book, 480mm, and not too heavy at 3.4kg. So, whether you’re having a work talk or a school meeting, the CMX CS-700 Central Amplifier Conference System makes it easy to hear and share ideas. It’s not just a conference system – it’s like a superhero for meetings


What is the price of the CMX CS-700 Central Amplifier Conference System In Bangladesh?

The price of The CMX CS-700 Central Amplifier Conference System is today only BDT 22000. The price may vary due to your customization and product availability. You can buy The CS-700 Central Amplifier Conference System from our website or visit our showrooms nearby


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