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ASHTHA UV-106M10 Powerful Fake Note Detector Machines

Key Features:

• Support a variety of paper currencies around the world

• The design is compact and tiny, making it simple and convenient to operate

• UV light detection is more accurate with two 6W ultraviolet tubes

• Assist you in avoiding direct UV radiation damage to your eyes

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Model UV-106M10
Place of Origin Hong Kong
Place of Assembly China
Magnify Glass KB-104:with Magnify glass(5X) KB-104D:With Two Magnify glass(10X)
UV Lamp 2 Lamp 06 Watt
Power Supply 220V, 50hz, 8 Amp
Dimensions 270 x 150 x 145 mm
Weight 1.3kg



Check the validity of money and credit cards, and look for luminous marks of any kind. Credit/debit/ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, and other official documents can also be detected. Yuan, Brunei Ringgit, Romanian Ron, Vietnamese Dong, Cambodian Riel, Canadian dollar, Ringgit Malaysia, Korea Won, NZD, UD, NGN, Thai baht, HK, Singapore Dollar, Taiwan Dollar, Dollar, Euro, Japanese yen, British pound, Securities, Invoices, etc.
The ASTHA UV-109M12 professional Fake Currency Detector Machine features a powerful ultraviolet light detector, auto on/off sensor, automatic UV sensor, compact and portable design, magnetic detection, fluorescent light for watermark verification, simultaneous UV and watermark verification function, large magnifier for micro-printing verification, folding stand for angled viewing, counterfeit banknotes / ID cards and bills detection, UV detection, magnify glass, white light, and MG d. Large magnifying glass 3x, compact magnifying glass 12x, UV lamp 2 x 6W, white light 6W, weight 0.68kg, dimensions 460288 320 mm, power source 110V or 220V AC50/60Hz Banks, Small Offices, Shops, Bars, Gas Stations, Nightclubs, Restaurants, Movie Theaters, and everywhere else where cash transactions take place can benefit from this device.


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