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Key Features:

• Dimensions 250 X2 35 X 45 Mm

• Material Full Metal Body

• Operational Conditions -10 °C~ +55 °C

• Power Consumption 15W (Exclusive Hard Disk)

• Main Processor Hi3520D V400


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Dimensions 250 X2 35 X 45 Mm
Material Full Metal Body
Operational Conditions -10 °C~ +55 °C
Power Consumption 15W (Exclusive Hard Disk)
Main Processor Hi3520D V400
Operating System LINUX
Resolution 4 X 5M@12fps, 4 X 4M@15fps, 4 X 3M@18fps, 4 X 1080P
Record Rate 4CH X 5MN@8fps, 4CH X 3MN@10fps, 4CH X 1080p@25fps, 4CH X 720P@25fps
Record Mode Manual, Alarm, Motion Detect, Timer
Sync Playback 16 Channel When Analog Mode
Video Detection Each View Window can be set to 192(16*12)
Detection Areas Can Set Multi-Level Sensitivity (Only For Local Channel)
USB 2 X USB Port
Power Supply 12V/3A
Warranty 1-Year Official Brand Warranty

The ARMOR AR-6016A is a sophisticated 16-channel XVR (eXtended Video Recorder) that stands at the forefront of advanced video surveillance technology. Engineered to deliver comprehensive and efficient security solutions, this device acts as the central nervous system for surveillance systems, managing and recording video feeds from up to 16 connected cameras. Here’s a detailed description of the ARMOR AR-6016A 16-Channel XVR:

ARMOR AR-6016A 16-Channel XVR:

1. Multi-Channel Capability:

  • The AR-6016A is designed to support up to 16 channels, providing the capacity to connect and manage a network of surveillance cameras. This makes it an ideal solution for medium to large-scale security installations requiring extensive coverage.

2. Hybrid Flexibility:

  • Offering hybrid functionality, the XVR is compatible with both analog and IP cameras. This versatility allows users to seamlessly integrate existing analog cameras while incorporating the latest IP-based cameras, creating a flexible and future-ready surveillance system.

3. High-Resolution Recording:

  • The XVR ensures high-resolution video recording, enabling users to capture crystal-clear and detailed footage. High-quality recording is essential for accurate identification and analysis of events, contributing to overall security effectiveness.

4. H.265 Compression Technology:

  • Employing advanced video compression technology, such as H.265, the XVR optimizes storage space without compromising video quality. This efficient compression method is crucial for maximizing storage capacity and retaining video data for extended durations.

5. Real-time Monitoring:

  • Providing real-time monitoring of all connected cameras, the XVR allows security personnel to access live video feeds instantly. Real-time monitoring is instrumental for proactive security measures and swift responses to events as they unfold.

6. Remote Accessibility:

  • With remote access capabilities, users can remotely view live or recorded footage from the XVR through a secure internet connection. This feature enhances surveillance management, allowing users to monitor their premises from anywhere in the world.

7. Intelligent Video Analytics:

  • The AR-6016A is equipped with intelligent video analytics, encompassing features such as motion detection, object recognition, and intrusion detection. These analytics automate surveillance tasks and provide valuable insights into potential security threats.

8. Storage Versatility:

  • Supporting multiple storage options, including internal hard drives or external storage devices, the XVR accommodates diverse user requirements. This ensures ample storage capacity for retaining recorded footage based on individual needs.

9. User-Friendly Interface:

  • Featuring a user-friendly interface, the XVR facilitates easy navigation and configuration. Intuitive controls and a graphical user interface make it accessible for users with varying levels of technical expertise.

10. Mobile App Integration: – The AR-6016A is likely compatible with mobile apps, enabling users to monitor their surveillance system on smartphones or tablets. This mobile integration provides flexibility and convenience for users on the move.

11. Multi-Mode Display: – Supporting multi-mode display, the XVR allows users to view multiple camera feeds simultaneously on a single screen. This feature enhances situational awareness, making it easier to monitor and respond to security events.

12. Robust Security Features: – Incorporating robust security features, including user authentication, encrypted communication, and secure access controls, the XVR prioritizes the integrity of the surveillance system, preventing unauthorized access.

In summary, the ARMOR AR-6016A 16-Channel XVR represents a pinnacle of video surveillance technology, delivering advanced features and capabilities to meet the demands of modern security applications. Its multi-channel support, high-resolution recording, and intelligent functionalities make it an indispensable component for creating a robust and effective security infrastructure. Users interested in deploying this XVR system should refer to the product documentation for specific features, configurations, and compatibility details.


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