ARMOR AR-5008A-E, 8 Channel XVR

Model: ARMOR AR-5008A-E 8 Channel XVR
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In Stock
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  • Model: AR-5008A-E
  • Chip: Hi3520D V400
  • DSP: 3520DV400, Support Face Playback and Smart Playback
  • Support: 1 x HDD, USB Mouse,1ch VGA,1ch HDM


ARMOR AR-5008A-E 8 Channel XVR

The ARMOR AR-5008A-E 8 Channel XVR comes with the Hi3520D V400 and LINUX operating systems. 1 x HDD, USB Mouse, 1ch VGA, and 1ch HDMI are all supported. 8x5MN@12fps/8x4M@15fps/8x3M@18fps/8x1080P XVR Recording It has a 16-bit true-color graphical menu interface with mouse capabilities for operation. Manual, Alarm, Motion Detect, Timer, and 8 CHx1080P(when Analog mode)/ 1CHx5MP-N local playback are available in the ARMOR AR-5008A-E 8 Channel XVR recording mode. This XVR includes video search options for Time, Date, Event, and Channel. The ARMOR AR-5008A-E XVR includes a local hard drive, network, and network backup, as well as an external hard drive, USB drive, and HDD backup. It features two USB ports, one SATA port (which can support six terabytes of data), and four gigabits of WiFi (Extend via USB). The ARMOR AR-5008A-E 8 Channel XVR has a 01-year warranty.

Model AR-5008A-E
Main chip Hi3520D V400
Operation menu 16-bit true color graphical menu interface, mouse operation supported
Display 1/8 display take the pure coaxial input mode as an example)
Format H.265
Preview 8*5MN@12fps/8*4MN@15fps/8*3MN@18fps/8*1080P@25fps/8*720P@25fps
Record 8*5MN@6fps/8*4MN@8fps/8*3MN@10fps/8*1080P@15fps/8*720P@15fps
Decord 8*5MN@6fps/8*4MN@8fps/8*3MN@10fps/8*1080P@15fps/8*720P@15fps
NVR: 4*5MP/8*1080P/16*960P
Motion Detect Each view window can set 192(16*12)detection area, can set multi-level sensitivity (only for local channel)
Video AHD TVI CVI CVBS Auto input
Audio NO
Audio NO
Intercom Support
recording and Playback
Recording mode Manual, Alarm, Motion Detect, Timer
Local playback 8 CH*1080P(when Analog mode)/ 1CH*5MP-N
Video search Time, Date, Event, Channel search
Storage and Backup
Storage Local HDD, Network
Backup Network backup, external HDD, USB Drive, HDD
Video Input 8* BNC
Video Output 1 * VGA,1 * HDMI
Audio Input NO
Audio Output NO
USB port 2 * USB Port
HDD port 1 SATA Port (Can support 6T HDD)
Wi-Fi port 4G、WIFI (Extend via USB)
Remote control Optional
Power 12V/3A
Consumption < 15W(exclusive hard disk)
Temperature -10 °C~ +55 °C
Working humidity 10%~90%
Size (W x H) 250mmx235mmcx45mm


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