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Apollo 70″x70″ Wall Projection Screen


Key Features:

• Model: Apollo Wall Projection Screen

• Size:70"x70"

• Border: Black

• Surface Type: Matte white surface


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Brand Apollo
Model Apollo 70 Inch x 70 Inch Wall
Type Wall Mount Projector Screen
Screen Type Manual
Mount Type Wall
Size 70 x 70 Inch
Color Matte White
Warranty Details No warranty
Others White Metal, Great for boardrooms, classrooms, or any environment requiring an enclosed hanging screen. Matte white surface with 1, black border offers easy viewing. Heavy-duty white metal case. The screen surface pulls down and retracts with ease. Flame retardant and mildew resistant.

The Apollo 70″x70″ Wall Projection Screen is a sophisticated and permanent audiovisual solution designed to enhance presentations, home theaters, and other multimedia applications. With its contemporary design, generous dimensions, and wall-mounted installation, this projector screen offers a seamless and dedicated platform for displaying content with clarity and impact.

Key Features:

  1. Screen Dimensions:
    • The Apollo 70″x70″ Wall Projection Screen features a square format with dimensions of 70 inches by 70 inches, providing a spacious and well-defined viewing area.
  2. Square Aspect Ratio:
    • Engineered with a square aspect ratio, the screen is versatile and suitable for various content formats, ensuring compatibility with different media sources.
  3. Wall-Mounted Design:
    • The projector screen is designed for permanent wall installation, creating a dedicated and fixed space for projection. This eliminates the need for additional setup and ensures a sleek and organized appearance.
  4. Matte White Screen Material:
    • Constructed with a matte white screen material, the projector screen enhances color reproduction and provides a smooth surface for clear and vibrant image projection. The matte finish minimizes reflections for an improved viewing experience.
  5. Easy Installation:
    • The wall projection screen is designed for easy installation. It typically includes mounting brackets and hardware, allowing users to securely attach the screen to the wall with minimal effort.
  6. Wide Viewing Angle:
    • With a wide viewing angle, the projector screen ensures that audiences throughout the room can enjoy a clear and distortion-free view of the displayed content.
  7. Versatile Applications:
    • Suitable for various settings, including home theaters, conference rooms, boardrooms, and entertainment spaces. The wall-mounted design makes it a permanent and dedicated fixture for optimal projection experiences.
  8. Space-Saving Solution:
    • The wall projector screen’s fixed installation eliminates the need for tripods or additional floor space. This space-saving design is ideal for users who prefer a clean and uncluttered environment.
  9. Durable Construction:
    • Built with durability in mind, the Apollo projector screen features a robust construction that ensures stability and longevity. The fixed nature of the installation contributes to a reliable and permanent projection solution.
  10. Compatibility with Projectors:
    • The screen is compatible with a wide range of projectors, offering users flexibility in choosing the projector that best suits their presentation or entertainment needs.
  11. Professional Appearance:
    • The wall projector screen contributes to a professional and streamlined appearance in dedicated spaces, making it a suitable choice for both residential and commercial installations.
  12. Enhanced Presentation Experience:
    • Whether used for business presentations, educational purposes, or home entertainment, the Apollo 70″x70″ Wall Projection Screen enhances the overall presentation experience with its fixed and dedicated setup.

In summary, the Apollo 70″x70″ Wall Projection Screen is an elegant and permanent solution for users seeking a dedicated and visually appealing platform for multimedia applications. With its wall-mounted design, matte white screen material, and compatibility with various projectors, this projector screen provides a reliable and sophisticated foundation for impactful presentations and immersive home theater experiences.


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