TEV TH Wireless Microphone System

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Model Specifications Collocation
TB-600 3.5Ø  For TR-686 / TR-696 VHF Model
TB-700 3.5Ø  TR-316 / TR-726 / TR-826
TB-300 LCD 3P CN TR-332 / TR-632
TB-990 LCD 3P CN TR-899
TB-900 LCD 3P CN TR-900TD

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Taiwan Electric Voice CO., Ltd. As known as leading manufacture on microphone field, specializing in every major sound area and accessories. With the R&D group together to meet all complex consumer needs and service to worldwide by TEV brand itself. Its have achieved the ISO-9002 International Quality Recognition and being one of the members in International Quality Guarantee Association. It has always aim to perfection in quality and keep self-challenging as by improving our technique and skill from time to time. It has products do prove that what is good in quality and value for money.  


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