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Classroom presentations
Indoors/ outdoors events
Religious activities
Public speech campaign
street artist

3 Patents

M463016 New Design Shape.
M463954 Double Power Out-Put.
M402573 LED Ring to indicate the battery’s life for microphone.
Double Power Out-Put(M463954):
Class D Max 200w+Max 200w
If you connect with Passive Speaker(8Ω)
The power out-put will be double Max 200w+Max 200w

5 Characteristic

Light Weight Case Easy Operating.
High Power Output Low Energy Consumption.
Double Power Out-put, connect with the passive speaker by cable, the power will be doubled.
Smart Power Charging circuit.
All made in Taiwan.


Power Output Class D Max 200w+Max 200w Double Power Out-Put
T.H.D. <0.5%
Echo Echo effect control
Frequency Response 60Hz~20KHz±3dB
Speaker 8” full range speaker + Tweeter Horm
Power Supply 100v-240v
Battery 12V / 5 Ah × 2 
Battery Power Indicator  4-LED Indicator for the Battery Power
Charging Time 10-12 hours charging
Operating Time 5-8 hours consecutive use
Receiver Module PLL Synthesized, TR-332 UHF 32CH or TR-316 UHF 16CH
Wireless Mic Handheld、Lavalier、Headset
Wired Mic All wired Microphone
Player CD / USB / SD player, DVD player (option), TR-MP3B(option), TR-MPS (option)
Audio Input XLR & 1/4 (6.3mm) Combo Input and RCA Input
Audio Output 1/4 (6.3mm) Double Power Output and RCA Output
Dimensions 340 × 330 × 545 mm
Weight 15Kg 
Exterior Color Black




Taiwan Electric Voice CO., Ltd. As known as leading manufacture on microphone field, specializing in every major sound area and accessories. With the R&D group together to meet all complex consumer needs and service to worldwide by TEV brand itself. Its have achieved the ISO-9002 International Quality Recognition and being one of the members in International Quality Guarantee Association. It has always aim to perfection in quality and keep self-challenging as by improving our technique and skill from time to time. It has products do prove that what is good in quality and value for money.  

235 reviews for TEV TA-680 8″ 200W PORTABLE PA SYSTEM

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