HTDZ HT-580 UHF Wireless Microphone System (1 Hand + 1 Tie or 2 Hand)


Uses a UHF 470-960MHz PLL frequency synthesizer technology
Uses a multi-channel high band and intermediate band frequency selective filtering, in order to fully eliminate interference signals.
A built-in feedback eliminating technology can effectively decrease the feedback and noise.
A built-in multiple noise detecting circuit and TONE-LOCK system make sure the system has a strong anti-jamming function.
Perfect performance with the best chips and components, it uses an SMD original mount design to enhance the product quality and stability
The operation distance reaches up to 60 meters with the best conditions, and 40 meters under normal conditions
The frequency and channel are locked to protect the anti-jamming functions


Technical Parameters
Carrier Frequency: 470-960MHz
Modulation: FM
Frequency Response: 60-16KHz
Frequency Stability: 20ppm
Max deviation: +/-25 KHz
T.H.D: <1%
RF Output: 30mW
Current Consumption: 100mA
Pressure limit sensitivity: -70~-98 dBM
Pilot Carrier Frequency: 32 KHz


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