CMX IRCS-804 Infrared Wireless Distributor Unit

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  • Infrared wireless transmission technology was featured by flexible installation and portable for rental use.
  • Meet the needs for secure and interference-free communication and discussion conference system.
  • Minimum equipments to set up a basic conference system in a short time.
  • Ideal use for board room, conference room and meeting room for hotel, office and government.
  • Infrared wireless technology for control and FM radio technology for communication
  • The Infrared signal will be generated by IRCS-800 controller, then wide angle transmitted by this transmitter to amplify the signal to longer distance to be more easily received by the IR wireless receiver built-in the microphone unit.
  • It is designed for ceiling mount, surface mount, wall mount and also could be on the microphone stand.
  • Power supply of DC12V directly from the controller by coaxial cable.
  • Radiation coverage about 10 SQ meters if the room is less than 5 meters high.
  • Special minimum power consumption circuit design.
  • Maximum receiving angle about vertical 150℃ and horizontal 360℃.

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Model IRCS-804
Description Infrared Wireless Distributor
Carrier Band 6MHz-8MHz
Distribution Loss <1dBM
Impedance 50Ω
Operation Temp 0℃ to +40℃
Connector BNC, one input and two outputs
Dimension Φ98×74(H)mm
Weight 0.45kg




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