CMX IRCS-801 Infrared Wireless Chairman Unit

৳ 28,000.00


  • Infrared wireless transmission technology for flexible installation and portable for rental use.
  • Meet the needs for secure and interference-free communication and discussion conference system.
  • Minimum equipments to set up a basic conference system in a short time.
  • Ideal use for board room, conference room and meeting room for hotel, office and government.
  • Chairman unit with priority over delegate unit when speech.
  • Chairman unit can turn off the delegate unit speech.
  • The system support only chairman speech mode without any interruption from others. Delegate units could speech only after the chairman unit exit the “Chairman Mode”.
  • Built-in lithium rechargeable battery, which support 8 hours of speech use and 30 hours of standby.
  • LCD screen English display the ID, signal level, battery & microphone status and control channel.
  • The chairman delegate microphone with additional priority button except the on/off button.
  • The microphone is designed with round ring indicator for microphone on.
  • There are five buttons to set up the ID, control channel, light contrast ratio and light time.
  • Power standby automatically when there is no operation within 99 seconds.
  • The microphone will be power off within 60 seconds when there is system error.
  • “IR Signal Weak” reminding will pop up when power is not enough.
  • Gooseneck length of 400mm, longer one could be customized without additional cost.
  • Each conference system only support one chairman unit and its ID shall be 001.
  • Infrared wireless technology for control and FM radio technology for communication

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Model IRCS-801
Description Infrared Wireless Chairman Unit
System Capacity 128 units
Power Supply Built-in lithium battery, 12V, 4,000mAH
Modulation Way Frequency modulation
Battery Working Time 8 hours
Battery Standby Time 30 hours
Power Consumption 8W
Receiving Angle Vertical 120℃ and horizontal 150℃.
Voice Pickup Distance 10-30cm
Gooseneck Length 400mm
Gooseneck Color Black (Silver is optional)
Operation Temp 0℃ to +40℃
Dimension 210(W)×140(D)×69(H)mm




Guangzhou CMX Audio Co., Ltd. is the leading Chinese manufacturer of IP public address systems, EN54-16 Digital Voice Alarm Systems, Class-D Amplifiers, IP network audio systems and IP speakers & amplifiers. With approximately 1,500 square meters of factory production space and over 50 qualified staff, it has the ability to handle all of your production needs. The company is highly quality-oriented use only the best raw. CMX's quality control system strictly follows ISO9001 and ISO14001 guidelines.


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