CMX CLSK-10C Outdoor Column Speaker (15W/10W)

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Commercial public address (PA) system music & paging horn speaker with transformer.
Ideal for outdoor music and speech use in factory, school, office, hotel and airport.
Economy rang weatherproof outdoor PA music column speaker.
2.5” full range woofer built-in outdoor column speaker.
Rated power output 15W-10W at 100V.
Waterproof level of IP66.
Line input 100V or 70V by cable tail with waterproof gland.
Aluminum alloy enclosure and stainless metal bracket in white.
Quick installation by supplied stainless mounting bracket.

Model CLSK-10C
Description Outdoor Column Speaker
Rated Power Output 15W-10W
Speaker 2.5”
Line Input 100V or 70V
Frequency Response 170-15KHz
SPL(@1W/m) 88dB
IP Rate IP66
Connector By speaker cable tail with waterproof gland
Dimension 106(W) ×75(D)×262(H)mm
Material Aluminum alloy enclosure and stainless metal bracket in white
Mounting Way Quick installation by supplied stainless mounting bracket
Net Weight 1.4kg



Guangzhou CMX Audio Co., Ltd. is the leading Chinese manufacturer of IP public address systems, EN54-16 Digital Voice Alarm Systems, Class-D Amplifiers, IP network audio systems and IP speakers & amplifiers. With approximately 1,500 square meters of factory production space and over 50 qualified staff, it has the ability to handle all of your production needs. The company is highly quality-oriented use only the best raw. CMX's quality control system strictly follows ISO9001 and ISO14001 guidelines.

581 reviews for CMX CLSK-10C Outdoor Column Speaker (15W/10W)

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